What The Critics Say

“Personified by the villain Noon Day Demon (Douglas B. Giorgis, who, hilariously, never merely breathes when he might also growl like a yapping dog and gnash his teeth). These are the best scenes in the show…”
–Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle, May 2018 on my performance in Scapegoat

“Douglas Giorgis is sophisticated and smug as the Southern aristocrat Edward Rutledge, in his barnstorming rendition of “Molasses to Rum”, his voice is well executed and entertaining.”
–, October 2016 on my performance in 1776

“Time and again, however, it is Douglas Giorgis who comes close to stealing the show and drawing the most laughs as he plays multiple visitors to the Browne apartment/studio. He opens and closes the show as a rather silly, jet-set art collector, gullible to a fast-talking dealer like Gerald. He also appears at the door as a number of oddities from Nan’s neighborhood that get sucked into lying in front of Chloe’s camera (including a wonderfully goofy grocery bagger, a prim and proper – or not – priest, and a wild homeless man in rain slicker). At each entrance, Mr. Giorgis brings flurry and fun to the story and stage.”
–, September 2015 on my performance in Moments of Truth

“Douglas B. Giorgis is a nicely understated, sweet-natured Dennis.” –Backstage by Erik Haagensen, October 2010 on my performance in Three Wishes for Jamie

“The ingenuous persona of Douglas B. Giorgis as Dennis deserves special mention. Giorgis has sufficient presence to look like a deer in headlights long before we learn why. Heʼs completely credible as a shy, tongue-tied bachelor at home only with horses and adorable to watch (without becoming a cartoon) when his wife gives birth. Sheʼs about to drop a foal!” –“Woman Around Town” by Alix Cohen, October 2010 on my performance in Three Wishes for Jamie

“two very good reasons to see this production: Nic Tyler (Michael) and Douglas B. Giorgis (Peter)…. Giorgis is equally compelling, playing the gentler, though never pushed-over, assistant Peter. The dynamic created by these two rivals becomes incredibly thrilling to watch” – by Matt Roberson June 27, 2009 on my performance in Reed in the Wind

“Douglas B. Giorgis is very good as Kenny, the mailroom guy.” – by Martin Denton May 10, 2010 on my performance in The Desk Set

“a spot-on Douglas B. Giorgis, has exactly the right balance of uncertainty, determination and pessimistic wisdom, and a wonderfully expressive singing voice to match.” The Bohemian on my performance as Charlie Brown

“There’s also a bothersomely cute wise-fool, a young man with the mind of a mischievous, inquiring 7-year old (sweetly played by Douglas B. Giorgis).” San Francisco Chronicle on my performance as Denby in Ice Glen

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