Hello, let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I am a father of two, describing myself as a SOCCER PLAYING COWBOY combining the likes of Ryan Gosling, Mickey Rooney and Charlie Brown. A proud member of AEA and SAG-Core, based in San Francisco but willing to work nationally from the Bay Area to New York. I have done it before and would love to do it again!

I am ACTIVE and ATHLETIC. Growing up, I played soccer across the United States as well as internationally in Bolivia, Sweden and Denmark. I played into college and I still enjoy playing whenever I get the opportunity. I love being in nature either on foot or horseback trying to capture the world’s beauty as an amateur photographer. Yosemite National Park is one of my favorite places on the planet. I dream about someday making wine from my own vineyard. Learning about history and the world makes me a devoted watcher of the Discovery, History and Animal Planet channels. I am familiar with multiple cultures having travelled to 14 countries including visiting the pyramids of South America, castles of the United Kingdom and ancient architecture of the Roman Empire.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy my website!

Wondering What’s New

The Henry Rios Mysteries Podcast,  in which I give voice to the character Grant Hancock. has been released on I-tunes, I can be heard in episodes 6 thru the completion of the series”

“national commercial for Del Monte, shot on August 8, 2018, continues to air”

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